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Dehydrated White Onion
To enhance the flavor and aroma of dishes, especially Mexican dishes, we are offering Dehydrated White Onion Products. Available in the form of powder, flakes, granules and others, these products aid in cooking food in comparatively less time than normal white onions, while rendering the food same taste, aroma and texture.
Dehydrated Red Onion
Dehydrated Red Onion Products that we are engaged in offering are portable (suggesting easy to carry everywhere), all natural, already processed, and less expensive than raw red onions. Available in different quantities, flakes, chopped and minced red onions function in the same way like normal onions and render same or even increased flavor to the food.
Dehydrated Pink Onion
Nothing serve better than Dehydrated Pink Onion Products when it comes to making a variety of dishes at a faster speed because aforesaid products are already chopped, and powdered, thus saving time of peeling and chopping. Dehydrated onions are said be the best replacement of fresh onions because they can not only be used at home but even on picnics and other outdoor gatherings.
Dehydrated Garlic
Fresh garlic is one of the most sought after agro product that is added in almost every dish and snack to enhance it's flavor. But to substitute fresh garlic, we are offering Dehydrated Garlic Products. These products are said best replacement of fresh garlic because they provide same deliciousness to the food and medicinal benefits to human body.